Spring Break 2012

 Well this past weekend was a rough one for the Crain family. To start off it was Andie’s work week, which takes its toll on her and on me and Eli for not being able to see her much. Eli had been a little fussy all week. He didn’t want to eat and when he did he would grab his mouth and cry. He also had a fever into the 103’s for a couple days. So Friday I took him to the doctor. Comes to find out he has the Hand-foot-mouth virus again. I had never even heard of it before the first time he got, then I didn’t think he could get it again. Well apparently there is multiple strains of the virus and he got another one. The poor little guy had a couple of big ulcers in his mouth from it. Then on Saturday morning I woke up around 5am with diarrhea and nausea and had to go to work. I don’t like using my sick time unless I am unable to physically go to work so I went on in. I had a blinding headache with diarrhea and pretty bad nausea. But the good thing about my job is I have a bedroom and dark curtains over the windows so I slept most of the day at work, except for the few calls we had. So Sunday I got home and still felt pretty bad. Eli was feeling a little better but still kinda down. Andie was feeling symptoms of a cold added to being drained from 7 nights of work. So we were a pretty beat down family on Sunday.
Well Andie came home from work Monday morning around 7:30 and Eli and I were still sleeping away. Andie woke me with the phrase “Let’s go to the beach”. Well of course that would be a difficult to pull off short notice and specially that it was many school’s spring break. And we were all a bit sick… But I guess being sick at the beach would be better than being sick around the house. So we got online and found a condo at a decent price and we started packing. Eli is on Spring Break at his day care so technically we are still able to celebrate a spring break.
We got on the road just before noon for a 4pm check in time. We were able to call Babies-away and get a pack-n-play delivered to the condo. We held off on Eli’s nap so that he would be ready to sleep on the way. And he did for about 30 minutes of the 4 and a half hour drive. But he was great during the ride. He watched “Praise Baby” about 7 times.
We got to our condo and it was nice. Small but perfect for our little family. It had a living room with sofa-sleeper, a kitchen, full bath and a bedroom with enough room to fit the pack-n-play in the corner. The balcony overlooked the ocean and the view from the 9th floor was wonderful. Eli loved watching the waves from the balcony and the sliding door to the balcony. He was continue to wave at the ocean and say “Hey water”. Then he would laugh and get our attention and point to the ocean and say “water” then go back to his little laugh and wave at the water. He was so excited. After about 20 minutes to get somewhat settled, we decided to walk Eli down to the beach. And he didn’t like it. He was pretty sleepy from the ride with no naps, but the wind, sand, and the loud ocean was just too much for him to take in all at once. When we walked to the water, he locked on tight to me and he was not happy. But the beach was perfect. Water was crystal clear and the sand was soft and smooth. The temp was about 80 so it wasn’t too hot. So we spent the first evening hanging around the room and it was perfect. It was just the three of us enjoying each other. Eli was walking on clouds being in a new place and having the view of the ocean. He loved it as long as he was in the room. We got a quick dinner and went on the bed early. First time Andie and I have gone to bed early in months.
Tuesday morning Eli woke up at 5 and would not go back to sleep because he was right beside us. We put him in the bed and he just sat there and starred at us for a while. So Andie got up and they went to the store to pick up a few things. They got back and I went down to the beach and set up our tent and chairs and Eli’s inflatable pool. Eli napped then we all went down to the beach. Eli was still reluctant to not touch the sand and didn’t want near the ocean but was intent in his pool with his toys. He loved waving at all the airplanes that flew by. He liked the ocean and would wave and say hey to in, but only liked it from that safe distance. He was comfortable in his pool but still didn’t want me out of arms reach. He sat with me a little in my chair but still didn’t care for the sand. Tuesday evening we decided to go out to eat. We enjoyed it and Eli liked being out with the people. He was wore out though. He would have gone to bed at 6:30 if we would have let him. We got back to the room and decided that Andie and I would sleep on the sleeper sofa so Eli would sleep later. We added a little comfort to the pull-out mattress by adding the mattress from the master bed to the top of the small mattress that is on the sleeper. Sleeper sofa’s are notorious for adding that support cross bar right across the middle of your back and there was no way we were gonna even try that. So the added mattress helped a lot.
Wednesday we went on down to the beach and Eli got back into his pool. With a good night sleep he was a little bit more acceptable with the whole beach environment. The weather was perfect and still as beautiful as the previous days. After an hour or so in his pool, I was able to get Eli to stand against me while I sat in my chair. I started by getting him to kick the sand onto my foot. That kinda got his mind off the fear of the sand. Then I was able to get him to sit on a towel next to Andie and play with a shovel in the sand. A little while on that and he was able to move to the sand and and play. We transitioned a couple of times and eventually he was walking around on the beach. He wouldn’t get too far from me, but he was playing on his own. He liked it. But still didn’t want to be near the ocean. We played a little while then he went up for a nap. He was wore out. Andie laid on the beach while I sat on the balcony as Eli slept.  He slept 2 and a half hours and I had to wake him up or he would have slept the rest of the night. We played on the beach a little longer then came up to get ready for dinner. Eli had on spf50 all day and was only on the beach for a couple of hours. Andie had on spf8 and stayed out all day. When we were at dinner, they compared arms and Eli was a good bit darker. Our little hispanic refugee baby just gets dark with the thought of sunlight. A trip to Dippin Dots for a final treat and we are now back at the condo and Eli was quickly to bed. He loved the Dippin Dots as well, but I had no doubts that he would.
Andie and I are just laying around the room with some of our stuff packed to leave tomorrow. Usually we are sad to leave the beach, but we are not really that sad tonight. I think we are just happy to had the opportunity to go and are more thankful for that than sad that it is coming to an end. We will check out at 10 and get on back home.
It was a short trip and we did hit a few bumps in the process, but that would be expected for a last minute trip. But it has been a wonderful trip. Eli has truly had a blast. He has loved Damer ugg støvler salg every minute of it. I am sure he don’t remember last years trip to the beach, but he has had a great time. Andie and I have had a great time as well. It was nice to just have the three of us with nothing else to worry about. We stay so busy with mine and Andie’s work schedule and we always have something going on, we just don’t get a stretch of days for the three of us to just “hang out”. It was good for the three of us to have this trip and to just be around each other. I don’t know if we got better from our sickness or if the beach just overshadowed the symptoms, but we all felt better having been here.

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  • Kit says:

    Great information. Lucky me I found your website
    by accident (stumbleupon). I have saved as a favorite
    for later!

  • LeLe says:

    That was great….felt like I was there. Love yall!

  • ann white says:

    P>S> The pictures are adorable…

  • ann white says:

    Adam, I loved your narrrative of the beach trip, I am so glad you and Andie and Eli decided to go, Its fun to do things on the spur of the moment. Grandy and I did that a lot with our 4 kids and we always had a blast. Its fun to plan a trip but those spontaneous ones are fun too. Glad you are all feeling better, you needed to have a break. Keep your posts coming, it makes me feel so good to be included in your comings and goings. Love you guys so much. Gran

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