Breckenridge 2011

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15 Responses to Breckenridge 2011

  • Will3 says:

    awesome pictures

  • LeAnn says:

    yeah for snow! We all wish we were there too… trip for sure! Glad yall are having fun and its fun getting to see the pictures….its almost like we are there with you…well almost. Love to you all….safe travels home tomorrow.

  • ReAnna says:

    Love the pictures!! So glad yall are having fun…we love yall and can’t wait to see yall and hear the stories!!

  • Lexi says:

    IT SNOWED!!! Ok, maybe just a small dusting on the ground, but it is still coming down. It’s so pretty here, and I’m with Andie…this is my kind of vacation. Anything in the mountains with a pretty view and a fireplace…..yummy! Even though we are having a blast, we are still missing the Morris family terribly. We miss yall a ton!! Jack and Eli are turning circles and losing sleep because they are missing their cousin, Cole. They can’t wait to see him!

  • Lowell White says:

    I hope Kenric and Sona were able to find you around noon, today. I plan to get up and launch in the morning as soon as I can. Hope to see you some time before noon for a day visit tomorrow (Thursday).

  • Andie says:

    No snow yet LeLe!!! We don’t know the difference though. There is snow everywhere on the mountains. The locals and pro skiiers (Zac and Rick) say that the snow isn’t that good, but we are loving it!!! It is so much fun, but we REALLY wish ya’ll were here!!!!!!!! I wish I could afford a trip like this every year. I think I would live here if I could (or somewhere in Colorado). We have videos of lots of people skiing, so ya’ll will get to enjoy some of the action. Love ya’ll bunches and bunches 🙂

  • jonboyii says:

    Tell Jocko I will be ready to slap him when he gets home…

  • jonboyii says:

    Adam…Dude you look like what my cats leave in the litter box…lying out in the snow like that…Where are your shame glands!!!

  • jonboyii says:

    Bought a new Verizon Home phone system. It works great!!! $19.99 plus Taxes a month. Free everything. Rick, When you get home and have time to front me the AT&T account info, we will be able to serve what we are serving now. With the account info I will be able to port our current number to Verizon. Then we can say good bye to the crappy humming when raining $100.00 plus a month AT&T service.

  • jonboyii says:

    Todd…How is the back doing? B and Susie are doing fine…

  • Lowell D. White says:

    Kenric is returning from Fowler, Colorado, back home to Orem, Utah, on Wednesday, and was hoping to meet everyone available during lunch hour. That would be tomorrow, December 28th. He is hoping to know this evening where he should go to meet up with someone, so that you can get to meet him again. Last time, family reunion ????? when???? 1982??? 1996????

    • Wes White says:

      We would love to meet with him. Our condo would be the easiest for us due to we have limited transportation and are using the public transportation around town. Or condo is Los Pinos, 43 Snowflake Drive, Breckenridge CO 80424. Our unit number is B21. The direct number to our condo is 970.453.6745. Please reply asap. Thanks. Wes

  • LeLe says:

    Also….we need some PICTURES!!

  • LeAnn says:

    Thanks for the update…I was wondering if Jake was loving it or hating it! Glad you are all having fun! We miss yall and wish so much that we were there. Have you had any snow? Keep those updates coming!

  • Karen says:

    Everyone survived the first day of skiing with nothing broken…a few tired bones but no broken ones. A big shout out to Jake who loves skiing and cried when he had to leave the mountain. His only complaint was that the other kids in the ski school with him couldn’t go fast enough for him. Even the babies (Eli, Jack and Collin) had fun with the grandparents who ventured out with them in strollers and backpacks to check out the village. The mountains are beautiful, weather is great and a fun time is being had by all.

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