Rick and Karen White

Welcome to Rick and Karen’s Page.

Hi to all family and friends!  We are Rick and Karen White, son and daughter (in-love) to Wes and Ann, dad and mom argumentative essay example to Keith and Dani Nesmith, Zac and Miki White and Adam and Lexi Stacy and Papa and Granna to Will, Susannah, Sarah Beth and Selah Nesmith, RJ and Collin White and Jack Henry Stacy.  Never do we take for granted how God has blessed our lives.

“The Lake” has always been a very important part of the Rick White family.  We spent many teenage years there together and Rick proposed to Karen at the lake with all the family there to celebrate.  The lake has been a part of our kids lives all of their lives (we used to call them “river rats.”)  They  learned many valuable life lessons there with each to kill a mockingbird chapter 1 summary other and their cousins.  Now, our grandchildren are enjoying these traditions and making new memories thanks to Nana and Papa.

Is it always easy being crammed in a two bedroom house with 15+ people (several of them young children and babies) and all their stuff at any given time?  Yes, if you are in it for the right reasons.���� It’s easy because we love each other unconditionally, enjoy each other’s differences  and we have learned to give and take.  We have shared many sorrows and joys with one another at the lake.  THE LAKE KEEPS US TOGETHER WHEN BUSY LIVES CAN KEEP US APART!

4 Responses to Rick and Karen White

  • ann white says:

    Hey guys, Just wondering about the boys ball games, when do they play next week, I cant remember their teams names so cannot find the schedules. Let me know when you can. Love you, Gran

  • ann white says:

    Hope you have a wonderful trip to Montana, Take care. Love you lots, G and G

  • gran says:

    I am just now sitting down and actually reading the website, all I know for sure is that it is absolutely awesome/ just like our family, I am not sure what I am doing yet but hope I can send this to you, We love you so much and are so looking forward to the ski trip and spending more time with our wonderful family.

  • Andie says:

    Love ya’ll!!