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Info: What up! My name is Johnny Boy Morris III (a.k.a. Jay, Jay-Bud, Budda, Mule and/or Mexican) My parents are Leann & Johnny Morris. I also have a Sister, ReAnna who is married to Jeff Hamrick and they have a son, my nephew, Coleman Jaymes Hamrick. I’m in a relationship with Shelley Nicholas whom I love very much. I’m Currently employed at Dawson Memorial Baptist Church as a part of the maintenance staff. It is located in Homewood, AL. I also am a part-time model for Sears catalog, under the name Sloan Ketterin. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family and just enjoying life. I love to draw and play any sport that involves a ball. I rarely take things seriously, and never worry about anything which drives my parents, mainly my mom, crazy! But anyways, thats all I can think of for now. If you want to know anything else about me just ask!

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Phone # 1-205-482-4898

Age: 22

Favorite Quotes: “Life is a garden, dig it.”    “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”   “There’s a difference between masturbating looking in a window and masturbating looking out a window. One of them is illegal, especially if you live next to a playground.” ��  “I once read about the dangers of alcohol, that’s the day i gave up reading.”

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18 Responses to Jay Morris

  • Jeff says:

    there needs to be some updating done here!

  • SHELLEY says:

    You need to change your relationship status, codsac, and put engaged to the most awesome woman in the world!!

  • gran says:

    Happy, happy birthday Jay. We love you very much.

  • Andie says:

    Your quotes are funny J Bud!! Love you 🙂

  • Crain says:

    Hey Sloan, it’s great to hear about the Sear catelog shoot. I did a spread one time, it was that summer you went away to college. You probobly didn’t hear about it because I went under the name Mike Honcho. Just thought I’d let you know

  • Lexi says:

    What up, Chip! How’s your current girlfriend, Tammi??

    • Jay says:

      Not much! Just got done working out, I’ve been working on my squat-thrust, it gives me a nasty burn in my upper quad! She is doing great. How is it in Montgomery? Yall need to move back!!! 🙁

  • gran says:

    Hi Jay, love your comments but love you even more, had a good time with you and Shelley this weekend, you could spoil us and we could expect to see you every weekend…just kidding but it would be fine with us. Hope we did not scare Shelley away, we are such a big family but if she can stand us, she will also see we are a very loving and accepting family too, we really like her, hope she likes us too. See you this weekend, love you both/.

    • Jay says:

      Hey Gran! I love you and Grandy so much! Me and Shelley love coming down there and spending time with yall, we wish we could do it more often! Shelley loves all of yall, her face was hurting coming home from smiling and laughing so much! I like her a lot too, i think she is a keeper 😉 We can’t wait to see yall again Friday! We love you!!

  • Crain says:

    hey jay

  • Lexi says:

    Jay Bud….I think you possibly could be the funniest person I know. I was laughing out loud while I was reading your “info”, and I totally appreiciate you not taking anything seriously (sorry LeLe)!! I second what Ardie said about Shelley….she is so so so pretty!! I can’t wait to see you at tacky game night. It’s gonna be so fun!

    • Jay says:

      Aww! Thank you Lexi!!! It was so fun!!! I wish me and Shelley could have stayed 🙁 We need to plan another “shindig” with the family.

  • LeAnn/Mom/NanaLe says:

    I love you Jay Bud! This is pretty cool isn’t it? Also, I resemble that remark you made about me!!! 🙂

  • Andie says:

    I love your picture Jay!! Shelley is so pretty. Yep…I’m gonna leave everyone a comment ha ha 🙂

  • macrain13 says:

    I work out…

  • Jay says:

    GAHH! This page is so sexy!! If i do say so myself!!

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