Spring Break 2012

 Well this past weekend was a rough one for the Crain family. To start off it was Andie’s work week, which takes its toll on her and on me and Eli for not being able to see her much. Eli had been a little fussy all week. He didn’t want to eat and when he did he would grab his mouth and cry. He also had a fever into the 103’s for a couple days. So Friday I took him to the doctor. Comes to find out he has the Hand-foot-mouth virus again. I had never even heard of it before the first time he got, then I didn’t think he could get it again. Well apparently there is multiple strains of the virus and he got another one. The poor little guy had a couple of big ulcers in his mouth from it. Then on Saturday morning I woke up around 5am with diarrhea and nausea and had to go to work. I don’t like using my sick time unless I am unable to physically go to work so I went on in. I had a blinding headache with diarrhea and pretty bad nausea. But the good thing about my job is I have a bedroom and dark curtains over the windows so I slept most of the day at work, except for the few calls we had. So Sunday I got home and still felt pretty bad. Eli was feeling a little better but still kinda down. Andie was feeling symptoms of a cold added to being drained from 7 nights of work. So we were a pretty beat down family on Sunday.
Well Andie came home from work Monday morning around 7:30 and Eli and I were still sleeping away. Andie woke me with the phrase “Let’s go to the beach”. Well of course that would be a difficult to pull off short notice and specially that it was many school’s spring break. And we were all a bit sick… But I guess being sick at the beach would be better than being sick around the house. So we got online and found a condo at a decent price and we started packing. Eli is on Spring Break at his day care so technically we are still able to celebrate a spring break.
We got on the road just before noon for a 4pm check in time. We were able to call Babies-away and get a pack-n-play delivered to the condo. We held off on Eli’s nap so that he would be ready to sleep on the way. And he did for about 30 minutes of the 4 and a half hour drive. But he was great during the ride. He watched “Praise Baby” about 7 times.
We got to our condo and it was nice. Small but perfect for our little family. It had a living room with sofa-sleeper, a kitchen, full bath and a bedroom with enough room to fit the pack-n-play in the corner. The balcony overlooked the ocean and the view from the 9th floor was wonderful. Eli loved watching the waves from the balcony and the sliding door to the balcony. He was continue to wave at the ocean and say “Hey water”. Then he would laugh and get our attention and point to the ocean and say “water” then go back to his little laugh and wave at the water. He was so excited. After about 20 minutes to get somewhat settled, we decided to walk Eli down to the beach. And he didn’t like it. He was pretty sleepy from the ride with no naps, but the wind, sand, and the loud ocean was just too much for him to take in all at once. When we walked to the water, he locked on tight to me and he was not happy. But the beach was perfect. Water was crystal clear and the sand was soft and smooth. The temp was about 80 so it wasn’t too hot. So we spent the first evening hanging around the room and it was perfect. It was just the three of us enjoying each other. Eli was walking on clouds being in a new place and having the view of the ocean. He loved it as long as he was in the room. We got a quick dinner and went on the bed early. First time Andie and I have gone to bed early in months.
Tuesday morning Eli woke up at 5 and would not go back to sleep because he was right beside us. We put him in the bed and he just sat there and starred at us for a while. So Andie got up and they went to the store to pick up a few things. They got back and I went down to the beach and set up our tent and chairs and Eli’s inflatable pool. Eli napped then we all went down to the beach. Eli was still reluctant to not touch the sand and didn’t want near the ocean but was intent in his pool with his toys. He loved waving at all the airplanes that flew by. He liked the ocean and would wave and say hey to in, but only liked it from that safe distance. He was comfortable in his pool but still didn’t want me out of arms reach. He sat with me a little in my chair but still didn’t care for the sand. Tuesday evening we decided to go out to eat. We enjoyed it and Eli liked being out with the people. He was wore out though. He would have gone to bed at 6:30 if we would have let him. We got back to the room and decided that Andie and I would sleep on the sleeper sofa so Eli would sleep later. We added a little comfort to the pull-out mattress by adding the mattress from the master bed to the top of the small mattress that is on the sleeper. Sleeper sofa’s are notorious for adding that support cross bar right across the middle of your back and there was no way we were gonna even try that. So the added mattress helped a lot.
Wednesday we went on down to the beach and Eli got back into his pool. With a good night sleep he was a little bit more acceptable with the whole beach environment. The weather was perfect and still as beautiful as the previous days. After an hour or so in his pool, I was able to get Eli to stand against me while I sat in my chair. I started by getting him to kick the sand onto my foot. That kinda got his mind off the fear of the sand. Then I was able to get him to sit on a towel next to Andie and play with a shovel in the sand. A little while on that and he was able to move to the sand and and play. We transitioned a couple of times and eventually he was walking around on the beach. He wouldn’t get too far from me, but he was playing on his own. He liked it. But still didn’t want to be near the ocean. We played a little while then he went up for a nap. He was wore out. Andie laid on the beach while I sat on the balcony as Eli slept.  He slept 2 and a half hours and I had to wake him up or he would have slept the rest of the night. We played on the beach a little longer then came up to get ready for dinner. Eli had on spf50 all day and was only on the beach for a couple of hours. Andie had on spf8 and stayed out all day. When we were at dinner, they compared arms and Eli was a good bit darker. Our little hispanic refugee baby just gets dark with the thought of sunlight. A trip to Dippin Dots for a final treat and we are now back at the condo and Eli was quickly to bed. He loved the Dippin Dots as well, but I had no doubts that he would.
Andie and I are just laying around the room with some of our stuff packed to leave tomorrow. Usually we are sad to leave the beach, but we are not really that sad tonight. I think we are just happy to had the opportunity to go and are more thankful for that than sad that it is coming to an end. We will check out at 10 and get on back home.
It was a short trip and we did hit a few bumps in the process, but that would be expected for a last minute trip. But it has been a wonderful trip. Eli has truly had a blast. He has loved Damer ugg støvler salg every minute of it. I am sure he don’t remember last years trip to the beach, but he has had a great time. Andie and I have had a great time as well. It was nice to just have the three of us with nothing else to worry about. We stay so busy with mine and Andie’s work schedule and we always have something going on, we just don’t get a stretch of days for the three of us to just “hang out”. It was good for the three of us to have this trip and to just be around each other. I don’t know if we got better from our sickness or if the beach just overshadowed the symptoms, but we all felt better having been here.

Eli’s Surgery

Eli will be having surgery next Tuesday, Feb 7th, to have tubes put in his ears and possibly have his adenoids removed. About 2 weeks ago we took Eli for a check up with his Pediatrician and found that Eli had another ear infection. So he sent us for an evaluation with an ENT at Children’s South off of Acton Rd. It was Eli’s like 8th ear infection in the last 7 months and he has had a runny nose for about 3 months now.
First Eli had a hearing exam. The first test showed that his eardrums were a little stiff most probably because of trapped fluid in his ear. Then they did a sound test and he didn’t respond to anything under 30 decibels. The Dr. figured it was because of so much fluid trapped in his ears that it muffled the tones. We just thought he was ignoring us. The fact that Eli talks so much and can say so many words helped support that theory. The Dr explained that most 1 year old should be saying a handful of words and Eli is saying about 12. I wonder where he gets that motor mouth…..
At first glance at Eli’s ears the Dr was convinced to do the tubes. But since he has such a runny nose he asked more about removing the adenoids. Andie and I both agreed to take the Dr’s opinion with the adenoids. He said that once he had Eli sedated that he would examine the adenoids and would remove them if he felt it was needed. Do to the anatomical positioning of the adenoids, it would be near impossible to determine if they are enlarged while he was conscious. So we will not know if Eli will have them removed until our post-surgery briefing.
As you all know, the surgery for the tubes is very simple and Nike air max Pas Cher will take literally 5 minutes to perform and recover time is pretty much instant. The adenoid removal surgery isn’t suppose to be very bad either, but is a little more invasive. Adenoids are similar to tonsils and are located above the throat, toward the nose  in the canal that connects the nose to the back of the throat. They lay kind of flush but can become inflamed or enlarged. If they do become enlarged it can block the passage between the nose and the throat and obstruct the movement of air between the nose and the throat. Also when they are inflamed, they excrete mucus. Since they lay somewhat flush they are not simply cut off, its more like they are shaved down and removed. So it will leave some soreness and scabbing will occur. Usually about 3-5 days recovery with the typical sore, cranky, and tired symptoms. But Eli has such an awesome spirit that I believe he will probably shake it off pretty quick. He is resiliate like that. He has been through a ton of sickness the last few months and has a few fussy days, but he just doesn’t stay down long. I can take a physical beating and shake it off quickly, but when my inside are sick, I pretty much melt into a little ball of pity. But not Eli, he has had all these ear infections and none of them have suppressed his spirits. It makes me proud of him.
I am sure he will be fine from the surgery, we just thought we would share with everyone. We are looking forward to Eli feeling better and hopefully eliminating some of the future sickness.

Coming Home.. By way of pandemonium

So breckenridge has been a pretty “easy” trip. We were basically catered the entire trip. Everything was provided and sent to our rooms for us. We didn’t even have to walk more than a couple yards to access anything. Our groceries and food, all baby needs like highchairs and beds, and even transportation was sent directly to our front door. Well the past 6 days has spoiled us a bit. Now it is time to head home. Check-out was scheduled for 10, but was able to keep one room until 4pm due to our late flight. So everyone piled up in one condo and just lounged around wasting time until we were to head to the airport. 18 people in a 3 bedroom condo is no stretch for this family. We average more than that on any given weekend during the summer at papa’s paradise. So it was a ordinary day for us while waiting for time to depart. About 10 people crowded up a couple of couches and watched a movie, a few of the ladies played cards, and the babies wollered around the living room. It snowed a few inches the day before and had melted down during this sunny afternoon. Then temps dropped and that melted snow began to form ice on the streets. So we began to worry a little about how the drive to the airport would be, even for experienced Colorado drivers. Our schedule was for the shuttle to pick us up at 4pm and make the 2 hour shuttle ride to Denver airport with plenty of time for our 7:35pm flight. Our 2 shuttles arrived about 20 minutes early. We loaded about 40 bags, 14 adults, 6 year old Jake, the three babies and their strollers into two 18-passenger vans with one having 3 child cars seats installed. With the shuttles arriving early, we were able to get loaded and on the road about 5 minutes before our scheduled 4pm departure. So things are still going “easy”. I guess the vacation ended at the front door of the condo because our so called “easy” trip is just about to get a shot back down to reality. We get on the road and what do you know, traffic is running half normal speed on the highway and we are 80+ miles out from the airport. So now we are starting to worry about our time restraints. Zac decides to call the airline and get our tickets ready. Well the only way to advance the tickets is to pay for checked luggage in advance. So Zac starts calculating how many bags each passenger has and has to get each of the 16 tickets authorized, account for their luggage and pay for checked bags while riding in a van going 25 miles per hour and babies screaming in the background. Speaking of the babies. The girls went out for lunch and left the daddies to fend for the kids earlier that day. As you would expect, the babies didn’t get the proper naps due to the guys inability to follow schedules. And now that we are on the highway, that lack of sleep is catching up with the babies. Jack gets pretty mad and the only cure for his cry is the video “praise baby, God of wonders”. Which we had already watched about 6 times daily at the condo. Lexi was able to get the video to play on her phone via YouTube. After the 1st showing, jack started to cry again. So lexi restarted it and ran it over and over for the last hour of the drive into Denver. Finally we arrived at the airport. It was 6:30p and we had a 7:35 flight. We all unloaded ourselves and our bags beside the United Airlines kiosk that was located outside. We started throwing bags into a pile to be checked and a worker started labeling them. Then we waited as the older gentleman that ran the kiosk started pecking at the keyboard. Using only his two index fingers, he struck each key as if he were trying to drive the keys through the bottom of the board. With 18 passengers, it took the older guy 25 minutes to print our flight passes.  So now we are down to less that an hour to get through security and to the terminal that is about a mile across the airport. So somewhat frantically we begin to rush through the airport. All we needed was the song “Run, Run, Rudolph” and we would have a reinactment of the airport scene of the 1990 hit movie Home Alone.  Most of the women had to use the restroom and everyone was hungry so now we were really getting worried. We made our way to the security checkpoint and of course if would be at a stand still. Everyone was sent through the xray machine and several people had something questionable in their carry-on bag that slowed down the line. So we get through security a few people at a time and we are down to under 30 minutes to departure and we have a long trek across the airport to our gate. If you have never been to Denver Airport, it is a huge. It is actually the largest internation airport in the US and 3rd largest in the world. So we are not just walking down a hall to a plane. So we go down some stairs, catch a train to our concourse, back up to the stairs, and toward our gate. Andie, Eli, and I were paired up with Adam, Lexi, and Jack so while we were running, I decided to shoot through the McDonalds and grab dinner for the 6 of us. By the time I grabbed food and caught back up with my group, we were loading. So we made it, but not everyone was at the gate yet. We are hoping that they make it to the terminal before the plane takes off. We get through the gate and through the shoot to our plane and end up going through a door that leads us outside. This plane is so small that it doesn’t reach the walkway that connects to the plane. My first though is that Zac’s head is going to be hanging out the top of the plane and wondering where are they gonna put our luggage. We get to the plane and others start filing in behind us. The plane had a single row running down the right side of the plane and a double seated row running down the other side. We had a few conflicts with the flight attendant. Then everything slowed down a little. We all made the flight and were heading back home. The flight home wasn’t bad. Being at night we had a nice view of all the city lights that we passed. Eli was fussy for the first hour, trying to fight sleep. He finally gave in and the rest of the flight was relaxing. We landed at Birmingham airport around midnight. Everyone was pretty beat down at this point. It’s was a long, eventful week and it was finally catching up with us. Andie and I were dropped off at the airport by a coworker on the day we left, so we were gonna ride back with Lori and Tommy. Well so did Grandy, Gran, Wesley, Steven, and Eli. So the 9 of us loaded up in the Chevy van. The back seat was out for luggage, so me, Tommy, and Steven sat in the back on top of luggage as Andie and Lori sat on the floor in between the middle seats. For some families it would have been a tight fit, but our family is used to being that close. We got home and we were saddened by fact that our vacation was over. Sore from all the fun and tired from the excitement finally kicked in.

The trip was awesome in all aspects. Colorado was beautiful and offered a great experience.  Zac did a wonderful job setting this trip and everyone else added much more and just made a great.replica watches uk sale

Ski Trip 2011 – Breckenridge, CO

On Sunday, most of the family leaves for a family ski trip to Breckenridge Colorado. We are sad to leave family members behind but are also so excited about the trip.

A trip to go ski out West has been brought up a many times in the last few years but never became more than dreams due to many of family members not being able to go. Its tough to plan with someone always pregnant. 5 babies being born in the last 18 months explains why we didn’t go last year.

Well Zac stepped up and put his very large foot down and said this year is the year we are going. I’m not sure if he knew how much work that comment would get him. Just to set a date would have made my last few brown hairs turn gray. Zac was able to get a full itenerary together for 18 people for a 6 day ski trip 1400 miles away. We are not just talking hotel and airfare. We are talking about full itenerary that includes things like: groceries delivered, being shuttled to and from, all ski equipment and passes, and even a menu to what we will eat. Not to mention stuff that we never thought of like getting baby strollers and cribs rented locally. Since we have 3 babies a year old or less. And he did all this with a newborn at the house. You the man…

We will finally be leaving in a couple of days and we are getting so excited. For the last week I have had Breckenridge weather reported every couple of hours on my iPhone and the Breckenridge website as the first in my browser. I have been so excited that coworkers told me that I was not going to be allowed off work if they heard another word about it. Breckenridge hit a bit of a warm front about a week ago and had more than half the slopes closed. So I have really been checking the weather and radars looking for snow. Well the last couple days, they had a cold front move in and was predicting a good bit of snow. Everytime I checked the weather the last couple of days, I have had excited butterflies waiting on the page to load. And it was like an early christmas this morning when the website reported they got 5″ last night. And expecting near as much tonight. With temps dropping to nearly -10, there is no chance of that snow melting. Actually the weather is not suppose to be above freezing from now until after we are back from the trip.

Well we will really miss those that will be staying behind. perfect replica watches And we will be sure to post some pics and updates of the trip. I am sure we will have some stories to tell about the babies, someone taking a tumble in the snow and maybe a few snowballs thrown.

Technical Help

I created a forum in the bulletin board for technical help topics. Just a couple of guides that can help  you figure out some of the features of this website. Just trying to Goedkope Balenciaga dames Sneakers make it easier and more useful. But still feel free to call me if you need help. Thanks Adam

2011 “Tacky” Family Christmas

For the 2011 family Christmas gathering, we decided to add a new theme to the party. This year’s party was kind of a costume/dress up party. But not in your typical Christmas attire. This year we included the theme to wear your “tackiest” holiday attire. It was quite a scene. We still had our traditional steaks and baked potatoes, played dirty santa, opened presents with the kids, and our full day of entertainment. But this year we did it in style, or lack of style. But it was fun seeing all the imagination our family has and how they can really pull off some crazy outfits. It may even have been best that we had the gathering at Paradise, because some of the outfits would have raised some attention if we would have been in public. It’s sad that another Christmas has already came and gone, but the memories of this Goedkope Balenciaga dames Sneakers Christmas will definately be in our minds for a while. Who knows what next years theme will be.

Welcome to the Papa’s Paradise Blog

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To post in the blog: once you have logged into the website, there are a couple of ways to post. The easiest to to look at the top of the page, where the gray bar appears once your logged in. There is a couple of links. The link that looks like “+ New” will allow a drop box to appear. Once the drop-down box appears, the top option is “Post”. Just simply click on it and it will take you to the “New Post” screen. Write in the Title of the post, then the body of the post, insert any picture you want to add, then click the blue publish to the right side of the screen. And your done. It will create the post in the Blog page.
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